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U.S. citizens’ favorite pizza toppings

    U.S. citizens' favorite pizza toppings

    1. Pineapple

    Pineapple is the pizza topping that divides people the most since there are pineapple lovers and pineapple haters all over the world.

    U.S. citizens' favorite pizza toppings

    In the pineapple-loving camp are notable figures such as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and stars Jeff Goldblum and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. President Jóhannesson of Iceland (who prefers fish) and British chef Gordon Ramsay are among the haters.

    It is difficult to explain why this modest fruit causes such animosity. However, according to a 2017 survey, pineapple aficionados came out on top. 47% of Americans supported its use as a pizza topping, while 32% opposed it. Indeed, pineapple is the most popular topping. It is also an essential component when coupled with ham and occasionally bacon on a Hawaiian pizza. (Interestingly, Hawaiian was invented in Canada.)

    Whether you like it or not, pineapple on pizza is here to stay.

    2. Mushrooms

    Mushrooms and cheese are a match made in heaven, so it should come as no surprise that they are a popular pizza topping. 31% of respondents in a 2019 survey listed them as one of their three favourite toppings.

    U.S. citizens' favorite pizza toppings

    Their flavour is derived from their high glutamate content. This molecule is responsible for activating our “umami” (savoury) taste receptors. And this means that mushrooms are delicious to the majority of us. They are also excellent for us. They are packed with B vitamins, potassium, iron, and selenium. They are low in calories and high in fibre content. In addition, some mushrooms include vitamin D, which strengthens our immune system.

    So load up your pizza and enjoy!

    3. Mozzarella

    Despite the abundance of different toppings available, mozzarella remains one of the original and greatest. In a 2019 survey of Americans, 20% of respondents ranked it as one of their three favourite toppings.

    U.S. citizens' favorite pizza toppings

    There are, however, differing opinions regarding the optimal type of mozzarella. Some argue that nothing beats fresh cheese discs. Others choose grated forms with minimal moisture content. Mozzarella with tomato sauce and basil is a classic and truly Italian pairing that is difficult to top.

    4. Bacon

    There are virtually no dishes that bacon does not enhance. And the rule holds true when it comes to pizza as well.

    U.S. citizens' favorite pizza toppings

    Twenty per cent of those polled in 2019 identified it as one of their top three toppings. This conclusion places it on par with the traditional topping, mozzarella. The bacon’s salty flavour pairs well with cheese and an acidic tomato sauce. It is frequently used on the contentious Hawaiian pizza, enhancing the ham and pineapple combination. And it is a fixture in the meat buffets of many pizza chains.

    It may be heavy in salt and fat, but that’s what makes it so delicious!

    5. Ham

    Ham, the other half of the Hawaiian duet, is a controversial pizza topping. 13 per cent of Americans identify it as one of their top three favourite toppings. Exactly the same percentage put it among their three least favourite toppings! Perhaps this outcome is a result of the association with the contentious Hawaiian pizza. However, ham is a flexible pizza topping that pairs nicely with numerous different flavour combinations.

    U.S. citizens' favorite pizza toppings

    Moreover, let’s not forget that a prosciutto is a form of ham. It would be difficult to find a more sophisticated pizza topping than prosciutto and figs. Additionally, it pairs well with pears, goat cheese, and spinach.

    6. Sausage

    When speaking of sausage on pizza in the United States, we refer to Italian sausage. But you can choose from a wide range of options, such as mild or spicy, precooked or fresh, chunky or thinly sliced.

    U.S. citizens' favorite pizza toppings

    Regardless of the option chosen, we appear to enjoy sausage on our pizza. 34% of respondents identified it as one of their top three toppings. Thus, sausage is the second most popular topping available. It is an essential element in many meat dishes, but it also has enough taste to stand on its own. Complement it with cheese and tomato sauce. Delicious!

    7. Onions

    In its natural state, the onion may not appear to be much to write home about. However, if you peel it, slice it, and put it on your pizza, you’ll have a winner.

    U.S. citizens' favorite pizza toppings

    In the oven, onions caramelise beautifully, imparting a sweet flavour to your pie. This occurs due to a process known as pyrolysis. Larger sugar molecules in the onion are broken down into smaller molecules by the high heat. The outcome is a flavour that is sweeter and more powerful.

    Onions are second only to mushrooms as one of America’s favourite pizza toppings among veggies. 18% of respondents identified it as one of their top three garnishes.

    8. Olives

    Olives are a typical Italian pizza topping. On pizzas, black olives are more frequently used than green. And a single glance at these glossy, dark fruits evokes the Mediterranean sun.

    U.S. citizens' favorite pizza toppings

    Olives pair well with fish, especially tuna, on pizza. also delicious with mozzarella, tomato, and basil for a vegetarian flavour explosion.

    However, not everyone is persuaded. 14 per cent of individuals cited olives as one of their top three preferred pizza toppings. The same proportion, however, ranked them among their least favourites!

    9. Peppers

    Peppers add both flavour and colour to pizzas. And they are another vegetable whose flavour intensifies and gets sweeter when roasted.

    U.S. citizens' favorite pizza toppings

    Because of this, peppers are frequently pre-roasted before being put on pizza. This provides them with the additional cooking time necessary to soften and develop flavour. And there is no possibility that the remainder of your pie will become burned. Peppers are an excellent way to enhance the flavour of a vegetarian pizza. And in the 2019 study, 11% of respondents picked them as their preferred topping.

    10. Chicken

    Chicken is typically a popular dish component. However, it is not as popular when it comes to pizza. Only 8% of those questioned ranked it among the top three toppings. And the same percentage ranked it as one of the three toppings they disliked the least.

    U.S. citizens' favorite pizza toppings

    Perhaps this is due to the fact that chicken is pre-roasted before being added to pizzas. This guarantees that any dangerous germs are effectively eliminated before consumption. However, second baking can render the food dry and stringy.

    11. Tomatoes

    Most pizzas contain tomatoes as a result of the tomato sauce. However, when it comes to toppings, fresh tomato slices can truly hit the spot. They pair especially well with olives and seafood. They are an essential component of the classic Margherita pizza.

    U.S. citizens' favorite pizza toppings

    But perhaps people ignore the delights of fresh tomatoes because of tomato sauce. 7 per cent of those polled identified it as one of their favourites.

    12. Fresh Garlic

    Pizza lovers who wish to repel vampires may choose to top their pies with fresh garlic. In Italian cuisine, onions and garlic constitute a time-honoured taste combination. also commonly found in pizza sauce.

    U.S. citizens' favorite pizza toppings

    In a 2020 survey of its consumers, Pequod’s Pizza placed fresh garlic in seventh place as a preferred topping, despite not being mentioned in some polls.

    These vampires had better beware!

    13. Fresh Basil

    Fresh basil placed on a pizza imparts both flavour and colour. It pairs well with a straightforward Margherita, as well as vegetarian and seafood toppings. And it gives the pizza a real Italian flavour.

    U.S. citizens' favorite pizza toppings

    Basil was another of Pequod’s Pizza customers’ favourite toppings, ranking eighth overall.

    14. Pepperoni

    We’ve saved the best for last with the pepperoni! Undoubtedly the king of pizza toppings, pepperoni consistently ranks first. Approximately fifty per cent of all pizzas sold by Domino’s today are topped with pepperoni.

    U.S. citizens' favorite pizza toppings

    These unusual meaty discs look amazing surrounded by melted cheese. A few pepperoni slices lie flat on the pizza. Other varieties, which are often constructed with a collagen casing, curl at the edges.

    However, the robust flavour of pepperoni means that many of us consider pizza to be incomplete without it, regardless of its shape.

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