10 Perfect And Calm Dog Breeds

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This small, lovely breed is famous for its flexibility. If its owner is active, the dog will happily follow him on walks and collect balls.

Basset Hound

It is clear from this dog's short legs and stocky build that he was not built to break speed records.


Greyhounds may require more dog food than other breeds of comparable size, so be prepared to purchase kibble in bulk.

French Bulldog

French bulldogs are noted for their even temperament and low levels of energy.

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The Pekingese is an old Chinese dog breed that was designed to be royal companions.

Irish Wolfhound

A dog with the word "wolf" in its name does not seem like a good choice for a list of the calmest dogs. This breed was historically noted for its ability to hunt large game.


These chubby puppies have a natural desire to sleep about all day. If you're searching for a calm dog, this is a desirable Breed.

Saint Bernard

Saint Bernards were originally bred to locate and rescue lost souls in the cold Alps. This breed is calm.

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