10 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Immature

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He neglects responsibility.

Wise people understand the importance of self-determination. Yet, immature males tend to blame others.

He has no future plans.

They don't plan for their career and personal success in the future.

He's sloppy and messy

He is a thoughtless, inconsiderate, and inattentive individual who never cleans up his own messes.

Money is his problem.

Only a fool will have difficulties budgeting and making excuses for debt and bill payments.

He misuses language.

Using basic words may indicate intelligence, but having a restricted vocabulary indicates low intelligence.

He's impulsive.

Impulsivity is beautiful in an adolescent guy, but not in a responsible adult man.

Never pays attention.

Even when he wants to, a stupid, immature man will have problems listening to his spouse.

He can't talk.

He may avoid important topics by shifting the subject or making ridiculous jokes due to his immaturity.

He fears commitment

After years together, your guy is immature and stupid if he avoids talking about marriage, kids, home, or pets.

He is gullible.

Your spouse will fall for scams regularly if you're dating an immature man-child.

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