The 3
Zodiac Signs


Cancers are one of the kindest zodiac signs, despite their sharp pincers and grumpy moods.

Cancers are naturally nurturing and go out of their way to make others feel safe and cared for.

This sensitive sign hates seeing others in pain, so they're always gentle and accommodating.

They're sensitive and comprehend feelings as water signs regulated by the maternal moon.


Libras know that sugar helps drugs go down. Libras are sweet and diplomatic, making them easy to get along with.

Their sweetness comes from Venus, their ruling planet. Venus softens Libra's rough edges because it is the planet of love, beauty, and partnerships.

Libras, symbolised by the scales, naturally want to keep the peace and prevent conflict, and being especially kind is one way they do this.


Pisces are gentle water signs that love, not fight. Fish are ethereal and sensitive, with an unlimited capacity for compassion and kindness.

Pisces, a changeable water sign, is gentle and easygoing. Pisces are gifted with empathy and intuition by their planetary ruler, Neptune.

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