5 Leo Woman Weaknesses in Love



Your Leo woman is resolute in her career, family, and romantic relationships.

She is stubborn

There is a distinction between determination and obstinacy. If you are determined, you are willing to do all possible to achieve your goals.

Although it can be quite healthy and advantageous to think highly of ourselves, your Leo woman takes it to an extreme.

She thinks highly of herself

She is attractive, self-reliant, and frequently successful in achieving her goals.

The characteristic of your Leo woman is that she is humorous and enjoys making others laugh. 

She has a different kind of humor

She is a major prankster who craves approval and wants to be the centre of attention. 

Your Leo woman has no problem assisting others, but due to her strength and independence,

She has no time for nonsense

she has no patience for those who second-guess themselves and are unwilling to pursue what they desire.

She does not want to be with someone who need constant reinforcement. She desires someone who is self-confident. 

Even if she is currently in a relationship, your Leo woman is perpetually in search of genuine love. 

She is always looking for true love

This occurs when you lack confidence in yourself. Yet, this does not imply that she will not be loyal!

All of this is a result of her constant focus on the future and what's best for her. 


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