5 Most Codependent Zodiac Signs



They are even convinced too soon to assist anyone. Because they prioritise developing relationships, particularly with those who care for them. 


Hence, they lavish a great deal of affection and care on their loved ones until the locals deem it sufficient. 

They occasionally attempt to convey their emotions to their family and friends, therefore seeking to others for reassurance.


Cancerians are overcome by powerful emotions, causing them to exhibit their more vulnerable side to others.

When Scorpios make a decision, they do so without hesitation. They willingly place themselves in risk and are the first to defend friends and family. 


Being one of the most dependant Zodiac Signs, they never argue with or use bad language in the presence of their loved ones.

Leos possess an imposing physical presence. They are renowned to be stern and even appear so, yet they are truly highly emotional on the inside. 


If they engage in a passionate dispute with a close friend, their heart rate will increase, and this will likely kill them from the inside.

They want someone to consistently give them with comfort. It is crucial for a Leo to receive emotional support from others. 

Geminis are always on the lookout for someone to converse with, and they de-stress by discussing every detail of every occasion with their loved ones.


Even though Geminis are intelligent and composed to the brim, some take advantage of them. 

Geminis keep them all at away, yet they crave warmth and care just as much as everyone else, placing them among the zodiac signs with the highest degree of dependence.


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