5 Most Tense Zodiac Sign



Pisces cannot turn off their emotions, yet they often hold these feelings to themselves until they are on the verge of bursting.


They are shy and rather silent, although they desire to alleviate the burdens of others around them.

Being a sign ruled by the moon, Cancer's emotions are powerful and ever-changing. They are sensitive to everything, even the energy of others.


They have empathy for others and desire to be the one to make someone feel better, but they occasionally take on too much.

These individuals are leaders with powerful personalities who strive to be the greatest at everything, which can be taxing.


These fire signs have a tendency to lose their temper or react impulsively to circumstances beyond their control. 

They are also a water sign, so, like their Pisces and Cancer counterparts, they experience emotions more intensely than the average person.


Some individuals have difficulty letting others in and can appear uptight and agitated without necessarily intending to. 

If they can learn to experience and express their emotions frequently, they may be able to alleviate some of their tension

Do not expect them to stop or slow down, despite the fact that they may need a break.


These earth signs are also easily overwhelmed, which makes them even more tense as they become trapped in a spiral of self-doubt.

Even if you don't ask, they are always willing to provide their opinion and make suggestions for improvement. 


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