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5 Signs A Leo Woman Is Using You

She starts arguments

A Leo woman's desire to challenge those around her is a constant trait.

But, you should be cautious if your arguments grow more frequent, as this may signal that she is attempting to use you.

She won’t commit

If you are unsure of where you are in her life and you constantly make concessions and tolerate her questionable behaviour,

a Leo woman usually doesn't worry too much about how her actions effect you. 

She makes you jealous

A Leo woman may intentionally allow you to catch her looking at other guys while you are together, 

or she may leave her phone on the table so you can see her most recent phone calls with her ex. 

She isn’t interested

A Leo woman will naturally want to speak about herself, but she is also insatiably curious about the perspectives and lifestyles of others.

In order to comprehend what makes you tick and how to make you happy, she will mentally record this information.

If a Leo woman does not make an attempt to learn more about you, she is likely unwilling to commit to a serious relationship. 

A Leo woman is obviously using you if she only appears when it is convenient for her, treats you as a backup, and arrives late. 

She doesn’t prioritize you

It is painful to observe a person in your life whom you have prioritised putting other things and people ahead of you.

Regardless of how you feel about your Leo lady, you must learn to let go.

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