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5 Signs A Libra Man Is Cheating On You

He openly flirts

An indication that your Libra boyfriend may be cheating on you is if he flirts with other women in the same manner as when he originally pursued you. 

Given that he is a well-known flirt, it is possible that he is merely doing it for fun and not with the intention of pursuing her or other women.

He lost interest

If he is feeling a bit down in your relationship, he will cease attempting to appear well around you.

This may indicate that he has seen someone and is attempting to create the greatest impression possible.

He is unavailable

It may take a number of contradictory indicators from him before you realize that he has not cheated but has moved on.

A Libra man is the type of individual who will keep you around for his own long-term profit.

He starts arguments

A Libra man may irritate you over trivial matters, even if they are unimportant.

Although this is unacceptable behaviour, it permits him to cheat without feeling guilty.

He socializes more

As it comes naturally to him, he will turn his head when he sees a gorgeous woman.

This is something that any woman dating a Libra man should consider.

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