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5 Signs A Libra Man Is Using You

He doesn’t communicate

If he approaches you last when you are both in the same place, he may be utilising you.

If attempting to communicate with this sign is difficult, you should evaluate what may be occurring. 

He isn’t affectionate

You may have observed that your Libra man is no longer affectionate with you.

Even if he loses interest in you, a Libra man may not immediately end the relationship.

He is critical

If a Libra man frequently criticises you, it's likely that he doesn't truly like you and is merely using you.

When disagreeing with his spouse, this sign would normally make an effort to be diplomatic.

He cheats on you

Even though he is still in a relationship with you, a Libra man will likely begin dating someone else.

If you and your partner have consented to an open relationship, this is likely not a problem for you.

If you discover that he is dating another woman when you believed you were an exclusive couple, this raises severe suspicions.

He won't expect you to do everything for him, but he may occasionally request assistance. 

He never reciprocates

Yet, if he is utilising you, he may ask you to accomplish much more chores than usual.

A Libra man may also frequently request that you perform chores or errands for him.

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