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5 Signs A Libra Woman Is Using You

She’s closed off

A Libra woman has a chilly temperament and disregards your opinions, concerns, and ideas.

A Libra lady will not communicate with you; she appears to have abruptly shut herself off without an explanation.

She is unattentive

If she is sincerely interested in you, a Libra lady will gladly divulge every element of her life. 

After spending a large amount of time with you, she will suddenly vanish and return to disturb your calm. 

She hides you

When the two of you are out together and she encounters a familiar face, she either completely avoids them or does not introduce you as her boyfriend.

When asked why she behaves in this manner, a Libra lady skirts the issue and changes the subject.

She is critical

A Libra lady will also be irritated by everything you say and do, since nothing is satisfactory to her anymore.

If your Libra lady is always creating arguments with you and using your flaws, past misdeeds, and baggage against you, 

she may be attempting to help you become the best version of yourself, or she may be using it as a premeditated strategy to push you away.

The fact that she only contacts you when she desires physical touch is another evidence that she is exploiting you for her pleasure.

She is unaffectionate

You are nothing more than a booty call to a Libra lady, which is an extraordinarily difficult pill to take. 

A Libra lady is not interested in learning more about you or sharing her secrets with you, nor does she make an effort to reveal herself to you.

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