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5 Signs A Pisces Man Is Using You

He isn’t romantic

The fact that a Pisces man would never be romantic is one of the most obvious signs that he is attempting to manipulate you.

This indicator may not like you if he never displays romantic gestures or plans enjoyable dates.

He is closed off

When he is merely using you, a Pisces man will be completely withdrawn.

If he is depressed or needs time alone, he will never simply shut down; he will always separate himself.

He is dishonest

Determine if a Pisces man is using you by looking for indicators of his honesty. 

Normally, he seeks sincerity and authenticity in a romantic partner.

He never listens

If you want to determine whether a Pisces man is using you, discuss a serious topic with him.

If he cares about you, he will listen, but if not, he will completely neglect you.

He disregards you

If you notice that a Pisces man is ignoring you, he is most certainly utilizing you. 

Nonetheless, he is not in the relationship for the right reasons if your Pisces man frequently ignores you.

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