5 Signs A Pisces Woman Is Falling For You

She is a hopeless romantic at heart, and fantasizing is one of her favorite daily activities. 

She stares at you often

She will make an effort to look you in the eyes as frequently as possible, and it's likely that she does so even when you're not looking. 

If she can interpret your body language and motions, she will also be able to show her affection for you.

She understands you

While in love, a Pisces lady will undoubtedly divulge secrets that no one else knows.

She certainly cares about you if she confides in you personal secrets she does not share with others.

She opens up to you

Thus, avoid breaking her confidence in any way; it will cause her great pain.

In a sense, she becomes your hero in shining armor.

She’ll make sacrifices for you

Because she loves you so much, she will go out of her way to establish a relationship with you.

One of the indicators that Pisces likes you is when they begin to be concerned for you. 

She is concerned about you

She recognizes it and displays genuine compassion when you explain your problems with her.

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