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5 Signs An Aquarius Woman Is Using You

She is selfish

Your Aquarius woman is indicating that you should not anticipate anything,

from her when she makes a concerted attempt to be self-centered with her affection for you. 

She is closed off

Earning her trust may need a great deal of patience, but you must also recognise if your relationship is doomed to fail.

If she used to be honest with you but suddenly stopped, she may be falling out of love and considering quitting the relationship.

She doesn’t communicate

Aquarius lady will be willing to share her innermost thoughts, desires, and goals with you.

Consider it a sign that an Aquarius woman is exploiting you if all of your conversations with her are dull, transactional, and superficial.

She isn’t interested

Another indicator that an Aquarius lady is manipulating you is her seeming lack of interest in your life and interests.

She would be extremely curious about every area of your life while in love. 

If she doesn't question about your life, it's likely that an Aquarius lady isn't interested in creating a long-term relationship with you. 

If your Aquarius woman makes you feel like an inconvenience, this is a strong indication that she does not care how her words and actions effect you.

She is irritable

Oftentimes, once she has observed your problematic characteristics, she will get increasingly agitated by everything you do and may even lash out at you.

If an Aquarius lady displays her shadow side towards you, she may be attempting to keep you at bay.

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