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5 Signs A Capricorn Woman Is Using You

She excludes you

Either a Capricorn woman is actively seeking a romantic partner, or she is playing the field until she meets her ideal partner. 

She typically exposes her significant other to her friends, coworkers, and sometimes her family.

She keeps you private

Hearing this should alert you to how a Capricorn lady perceives you in whatever connection you may have.

Although she will not go out of her way to introduce you to her social circle, she will consider you a friend if you happen to cross paths with her.

She is secretive

A Capricorn lady is naturally reserved and will not open up until she feels safe, since she need time to do so. 

She desires assurance that the judgements she is making are optimal.

She isn’t romantic

If a Capricorn woman is not romancing you or making you feel important in her life, she is not truly with you. 

You should be aware that this sign will devote significant effort to making the man she likes feel special.

To avoid revealing any information, a Capricorn lady will keep the conversation brief.

If you devote a great deal of your heart and time to a Capricorn lady who is emotionally detached, she is not interested in becoming more. 

She is detached

A Capricorn lady likely desires something physical to do to pass the time.

When she is not on the same page as you, you receive a very depressing impression from her.

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