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5 Signs A Pisces Woman Is Using You

She is unreliable

Your Pisces woman has a flaw in that she may be uncommitted and casual in her approach to life.

She appears to have little regard for your time, a point she is attempting to make with her behavior.

She is sensitive

This sign wants to know if you are prepared to adjust your conduct in order to please her.

She will nevertheless conveniently place blame on you, even if it was not your doing because she wants you to fix her problems.

She constantly lies

She is a master of deception and lies, so if you catch her lying, she is definitely exploiting you.

A Pisces woman engages in this activity when she has no intention of pursuing a relationship with her partner.

She plays mind games

Mind games are one of the indications that your Pisces woman is using and manipulating you.

A Pisces lady is good at manipulating the emotions of others, which gives her great power. 

Do not be surprised if a Pisces lady has; if you confront her about it, she will undoubtedly deny it.

A Pisces lady will not take responsibility for her errors and will assign all blame to others. 

She plays the victim

Be mindful that she may be testing her limits with you if she demonstrates great sensitivity and plays the victim.

She may play for the sole purpose of having fun and unwinding, oblivious to the possibility of harmful effects.

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