5 Signs A Sagittarius Man Is Using You

Mostly, a Sagittarius man will only want to hook up with you if he never takes you out in public. 

He hides you

He won't take you out, but he will spend most of his time with you in your home or his. 

If your Sagittarius man is using you, he will never follow any of your suggestions. 

He is stubborn

Either you will both agree with his requests, or you will not hang out at all.

A Sagittarius man is keen on learning more about the person he likes.

He isn’t interested

When a Sagittarius man is exploiting you, he will not be curious to discover more about you. 

While he is exploiting you, your Sagittarius man will avoid having deep conversations about your relationship.

He avoids discussions

Although he will normally inform you if he is unable to speak, he continues to do so even after a considerable delay. 

He does not adjust his behavior or pay attention when you voice your unhappiness.

He is indifferent

If a Sagittarius man is exploiting you and has no interest in what you're doing.

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