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5 Signs A Sagittarius Woman Is Using You

She is inconsistent

A Sagittarius woman is unpredictable and difficult to interpret, but if she detects your affection, she will not hesitate to use it to soothe her ego.

She will begin to exploit you because she enjoys the type of attention you are providing him. 

She needs space

A Sagittarius lady abhors the notion of being confined to one person, one location, or a dull daily routine. 

This archer usually justifies her need for solitude while engaged in another activity or interacting with another person.

She ghosts you

In lieu of her self-assurance and arrogance, a Sagittarius woman will choose to ghost you.

very time you encourage her to participate in a fun activity with you, she begins by providing an explanation. 

She flirts with others

This archer adores charming men and having them fall in love with her by deploying all of her charms.

In most circumstances, a Sagittarius woman will not cease flirting with other guys simply because you ask her to.

Do not be surprised if you find her complementing another man in front of you, as she does not consider what she is doing inappropriate.

A Sagittarius woman withdraws when you broach the subject of commitment because she does not view you as a prospective romantic partner. 

She avoids committing

She is probably already aware of your feelings and is utilising them to leave and return at will.

Thus, you should be aware that a Sagittarius woman's motives are purely physical.

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