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5 Signs A Scorpio Man Is Using You

He won’t open up

A man born under the sign of Scorpio is slow to trust others, so you'll need to work at his pace when it comes to gaining his trust.

Yet, after a few months of dating, he should at least attempt to be more forthright and honest with you.

He is unreliable

If a Scorpio man needs to reschedule, he will be forthright and inform you as soon as possible. 

Changing or cancelling plans is not always an indication that he is merely using you because he is overly busy. 

He is inconsistent

When he wants something from you, a Scorpio man may be overly nice in an effort to keep you in his life for a bit longer.

He utilises flattery to persuade others to do what he desires, and he may begin to back off once he achieves his goal. 

He isn’t interested

If he never asks you personal questions, a Scorpio male is not interested in getting to know you.

If he never asks how you are doing or what you have been up to, he may not care whether you are doing well. 

A Scorpio man constantly texts his loved ones for updates, and if they appear distressed, he will question about them.

Typically, a Scorpio male enjoys conversation and does not want others to feel silenced. 

He is unattentive

If he consistently disregards you, he may be using you, or there could be another issue.

If a Scorpio man generally pays you little attention, he may simply be annoyed.

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