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5 Signs A Scorpio Woman Is Using You

She is harsh

To get her way, a Scorpio woman has no problem being arrogant and nasty.

Although though she may be nasty and snarky with other people, when she is truly in love, she is a loving and caring partner. 

She is deceptive

Without a question, a Scorpio lady delights in deceiving people and will lie on purpose, even when it is unnecessary. 

In addition to lying, she excels in keeping secrets and concealing the truth. 

She avoids you

An clue that a Scorpio lady has romantic love for you is her incessant desire to be with you.

When this sign is truly in love, she will seek her partner's companionship and want to be with him often. 

She is critical

Clearly, if someone treats you horribly, she does not regard or care about you. 

When a Scorpio woman is infatuated with you, she will never intentionally harm you or your emotions.

It is evident that she is merely exploiting you if she intentionally makes you feel as though nothing you do is sufficient.

A Scorpio woman will be exceedingly loving with you for several hours before vanishing unexpectedly. 

She is inconsistent

If this symptom appears infrequently in your life, it is clearly a clue that she is exploiting you. 

If a Scorpio lady cares about you, she will not make you question your place in her life.

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