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5 Signs A Virgo Man Is Using You

He shuts you out

If you've been dating for a while and he still refuses to open up to you, he may not be interested in you.

One of the signs a Virgo man is serious about you is when he opens up to you, or at least makes an effort to do so.

He is silent

If your Virgo man never speaks to you or only uses short terms to communicate himself, this is not a good sign.

In this instance, the context is key since it reveals his desire to get to know you.

He is distant

If a Virgo man never makes time for you, you should reconsider your relationship. 

If you really need him, he doesn't care and won't even make an effort to be there for you.

He is inconsistent

A Virgo man is aware that he must occasionally be compassionate in order to succeed when he is dishonest.

If he varies between warm and chilly behaviour towards you, this is an evident indication that he may be using you.

A Virgo man may pay you attention one day and ignore you the next, or he may only act interested in you when no one else is around.

A Virgo man is often dependable since he adheres to his plans and is typically punctual. 

He is unreliable

A Virgo man can cancel your dates in order to spend time with his buddies or go on a date with someone else.

If he is seeing someone person, a Virgo man may invent justifications for his whereabouts.

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