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5 Signs A Virgo Woman Is Using You

She critics you a lot

It is not strange that a Virgo lady would act in this manner, as she may be a bit too critical at times. 

But, when she falls in love with you, she can overlook your shortcomings.

She ignores you

A Virgo lady enjoys having her own personal space in which to pursue her own interests.

You can text her numerous times, but if she is uninterested, you will not receive a single response.

She tells you

A Virgo woman is renowned for her integrity. She will express what is on her mind and in her heart. 

This is the reason why people either like her or loathe her vehemently: she is very straightforward and direct.

She gives mixed signals

A Virgo woman is extremely intelligent. This means she can observe you in order to determine how you can be controlled.

When she sets her mind to something, she understands how to obtain it, even if it means manipulating others.

She will employ mind games in an attempt to exert control over you and obtain what she desires.

Although though Virgo women have a reputation for being cold-hearted and manipulative, 

She doesn't show her family

we cannot deny that they are also family-oriented. She is quite dependable with regard to her friends and family.

If she is serious about someone, she will ensure that her closest friends are aware of him or her. 

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