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5 Signs When A Leo Man Is Using You

He annoys you

A Leo man may deliberately irritate you by bringing up a sensitive subject or acting in a way that is intended to offend you.

This sign enjoys competing with others due to his fiery and self-confident character.

He avoids you

If he makes an attempt to avoid you, whether in person or online, he may also be mocking you. 

He may have previously paid attention to you, but by avoiding you now, he is aiming to confuse you. 

He is inconsistent

A Leo male has extreme difficulty lying. If someone treats you well at one moment and cruelly at another, he is manipulating your emotions.

Being inherently forthright, it is difficult for a Leo guy to disguise his emotions. 

He criticizes you

A Leo male has a propensity for playing games and losing interest when he suddenly becomes hostile or critical of you. 

This sign may begin to scrutinise you and criticise you for even the most trivial matters. 

Not actively seeking you or your feelings, he is pushing you away and attempting to discourage you.

A Leo man who likes you will pursue you aggressively and would want to tell you all about his life.

He shuts you out

A Leo man stays with you because he wants to utilise you, not because he truly cares about you.

A Leo male is testing your love for him and your willingness to go to great lengths to obtain our attention.

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