6 Least Emotional Zodiac Sign



Scorpio isn't emotionless per se; in fact, they sometimes feel too strongly.


If you are not a member of their inner circle, they may likely look distant or put on a mask to conceal who they truly are.

Taurus is too focused on its upward motion to be concerned with intricate heart concerns.


Instead of asking about their coworkers' interests and relationships, they are more likely to discuss the courses they're taking to maintain their proficiency.

Aries are notoriously emotionless, being outwardly forceful and competitive with a strong drive to excel and conquer.


They may not care who they harm in pursuit of their goal, as they like being the greatest at everything, especially in their profession.

Aquarians tend to be emotionally detached and disinterested, preferring to spend their time engaged in their own distinctive and rebellious interests.


Aquarians are likely to leave a relationship if there is too much emotional drama.

This is another symptom that is too focused on achieving its aims to dwell on its emotions. 


Capricorn is a very analytical and strategic sign; they worry more about facts and solutions than emotional aspects of life.

They have the keen capacity to improvise their emotions and be a completely other person, hence their emblem of the Twins.


They frequently employ sarcasm to refocus emotionally charged situations.


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