6 Most Bravest Zodiac Sign



Capricorns have a strong sense of responsibility and are driven to continually accomplish their goals. 


They aren't afraid to face down challenges that the majority of us would rather avoid.

Libras have a tendency to be quiet and play the part of the peacemaker, which might make them appear less courageous than other signs. 


When these air signs finally come to terms with who they are, though, they develop a newfound confidence.

Because they are dominated by the sun, those born under the sign of Leo know how to shine brightly no matter what the circumstances. 


They aren't afraid to show their authentic self and rarely worry about what others may think of them.

Even though Scorpios are secretive, they will immediately go on the defensive if they or others they care about are in danger.


Their boldness is more understated, yet it still makes an impact where it needs to.

Sagittarius is the zodiac sign most eager to try new things and embark on thrilling adventures. 


Such acts of courage, like skydiving or swimming with sharks, are usually done in isolation and not with the intention of inspiring awe in others.

These individuals have a built-in drive to survive and can tap into courage from a number of different sources.


Aries will never second guess their natural inclination to make actions in their own best benefit.


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