6 Most Incompatible Zodiac Signs



You do not require permission to accomplish what you desire; nothing will prevent you from expressing yourself truthfully. 

Aries: Capricorn

While you appreciate the Capricorns' work ethic and dedication, you cannot help but compete for control of the relationship. 

You are extremely confident in your skills and abilities, and you do not feel the need to demonstrate them to others. 

Taurus: Libra

Taureans prefer moving slowly and deliberately so that the first attempt at a task is successful.

Gemini is amusing, flirtatious, and extroverted. You prefer to keep things light and airy, and this includes your dating life.

Gemini: Virgo

You desire a romantic partner that feels like your best friend, with whom everything is effortless and pleasurable.

Cancer desires a once-in-a-lifetime relationship. To feel cared for, you need a lot of verbal affirmations and small, thoughtful gifts. 

Cancer: Aquarius

You are outwardly affectionate when you are in love, and you require the same devotion in return.

Leo is yearning for a passionate and fiery love. You tend to take the initiative in relationships. 

Leo: Taurus

You need a partner that isn't scared to express their emotions and is willing to step aside and allow you make the decisions.

Nobody understands this concept more than the fastidious Virgo. It takes more than love letters and chocolates to maintain a relationship. 

Virgo: Sagittarius

You are willing to devote your full effort to a relationship, and you expect your partner to do the same.


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