6 Most Intellectual Zodiac Sign



Although Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, it is not necessarily associated with brainpower. 


Yet, the Scales sign is supposedly brilliant in making connections and communicating with others.

Nobody else in the zodiac can match the street smarts of a Taurus. 


Sidereal astrologer Athen Chimenti of Mastering the Zodiac says the Bull doesn't need anyone else to get by in life. 

A Gemini's core personality is one that is adaptive and alert, which aids in their capacity to reason and learn via experimentation.


You can count on them to shine in fields like filmmaking, acting, and writing. And even if they specialise, they can still communicate across disciplines.

Capricorns are "strategic geniuses" who diligently learn what they need to know to achieve their goals.


At the office, Cap likes to start the day with coffee and a well-laid out schedule. 

They have a "highly analytical and rational, as well as practical, approach to life, work, and business..


Virgos strive for excellence and dedication, are focused on their work, and seldom have time to relax.

They say Aquarians are the smartest, most original, and most perceptive of the Zodiac sign inhabitants.


Those born under this sign are... natural at absorbing information and seeing the world through a unique viewpoint.


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