6 Zodiac Signs Who Could Cheat In Relationships



It may come as a surprise that this list of zodiac signs who cheat begins with Pisces, but the truth cannot be avoided. 


Pisces get dissatisfied in a relationship, they are notorious for straying. Instead of adopting the moral high ground, they will always turn to adultery.

Aries thrives on excitement and adventure. Rarely are they satisfied by a serious relationship. 


If their partner is unable to keep things exciting in conversation and between the sheets, they will have no remorse about exploring other options.

A Libra will only cheat if they believe they are not receiving enough from their relationship. 


When it comes to matters of the heart, Libra desires everything, even if it takes more than one individual to fulfil all of their desires. 

Leo must constantly be the focus of attention. If they are not the centre of attention, they will seek out a stage where they are the main attraction.


And if cheating is the only way to capture their partner's attention, you can rest assured that they will do it.

Partners classify Gemini as the sign of the zodiac most prone to cheat.


They can choose virtually anyone to have an affair with. If they are not getting what they want in a relationship, they will not hesitate to pursue someone who can satisfy their desires.

Indeed, the logic is intricate. Almost as complex as the actual water sign. The issue is that Scorpios are extremely distrustful.


They are always suspicious of their spouses. To irritate Scorpio, simply return home reeking of another person's cologne or perfume. 


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