Aquarius and Aries Zodiac Signs Compatibility

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Emotional Compatibility

They may have trouble communicating.Uranus-ruled Aquarius can be frigid and cerebral in relationships.

 Aries, though, get angry quickly. Aries may think Aquarius' aloofness means they don't care.

Aquarius, actively check in with your Aries mate. Ask “How are you feeling about us?” to reassure Aries that they can be candid with you.

Intellectual Compatibility

These two signs are excellent communicators, and they will entertain each other for hours.

They favor global politics, religion, and technology than celebrity gossip.

It can be challenging to argue with a fiery Aries. If a conversation becomes too hot, say something like, "I'm delighted we can discuss such topics.

Trust Compatibility

Aries controls, Aquarius frees. Aries may be jealous, but neither sign would betray their mate.

 Remember, your Aquarian mate wants space. When they return, they'll want to show their Aries companion their crazy ideas and discoveries.

 Aries may suspect adultery if an Aquarius disappears into a personal project without texting or calling.

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