Aquarius and Leo Zodiac Signs Compatibility

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Romantic Compatibility

These two are hesitant to commit to a relationship, but they are devoted once they do.

As a member of the air element, Aquarius dislikes being tied down in a relationship. 

The flirtatious Leo discovers that they enjoy the thrill of the chase too much to settle down.

 Emotional Compatibility

Aquarius and Leo are both obstinate signs, but their relationship will succeed if they prioritize their partner's requirements.

 Aquarius should acknowledge Leo's adoration and go out of their way to express it.

Leo should provide Aquarius some time alone on occasion. Both signs will appreciate their partner's sensitivity to their unique requirements.

 Communication Compatibility

Head-driven Aquarius. They're rational, unlike Leo's emotional attitude.

Discussing relationship concerns will make them emotional and dramatic.

 Aquarius should remember that Leo cares. Leo enjoys provoking Aquarius to dispute. 

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