Can Incompatible Zodiac Signs Work?


If you look at this list and notice that your zodiac sign is the opposite of your significant other's, don't despair. 

That does not imply that you are immediately incompatible. It just indicates that your connection may not be the most harmonious.

It is stated that fire would consume the land, leaving in your mouth bitter ash. Earth and air have a difficult time combining, causing haze.

This is more of a cautionary tale about how the two of you can behave at your worst.

You can essentially just use this as a guide to identify potential problems in the future.

Since there are multiple facets to your personality, there are multiple facets to your zodiac sign. 

The day of your birth determines your zodiac personality or primary personality, which is your sun sign.

Calculating your full date, time, and location of birth reveals your moon sign, which provides insight into your inner emotions and mood.

Because each planet in the solar system influences you differently, you are a combination of numerous zodiac signs.

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