Cancer Compatibility With Each Zodiac Sign


Cancer and Aries have radically distinct emotional demands.


Their intimate relationship will never fail, even if they use each other for other goals.

After spending significant time together, Taurus and Cancer will reveal their true feelings for one another. 


Taurus and Cancer are two best pals above all else. They will approach life with inner peace and tenderness.

This is especially true if Gemini's partner's Moon is located in a water sign, such as Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces.


Cancer, the sign that requires the most time to open up and begin trusting its mate.

Cancer and Cancer will have a strong first attraction to one another.


Nonetheless, this does not preclude them from enjoying their interactions in a calm and frequently silent manner.

Cancer and Leo frequently associate due to the proximity and overlap of their birth planets.


Cancer and Leo will be pulled to each other as lovers by their intense initial infatuation.

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