Capricorn and Sagittarius Zodiac Signs Compatibility

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Emotional Compatibility

Fiery Sagittarius is too in-the-moment to be weighed down by weighty feelings, and practical Capricorn is less "mushy" about their loved ones.

If the Sagittarius spouse is calm, they can fill the Capricorn's emotional voids.

Communication Compatibility

Sagittarius in particular is direct and won't hide their feelings. 

Sagittarius can sense Capricorn's emotions without uttering a word.Capricorn has trouble texting. 

ntellectual Compatibility

They're a dream team for problem-solving. Saturn rules realistic, ambitious Capricorn. 

Sagittarius's visions with Capricorn's work ethic can accomplish anything.


Capricorn will likely meet Sagittarius at school or work, and Sagittarius must initiate. 

Capricorn and Sagittarius are different, which makes them interested about each other.

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