Cheapest Places To Live In Alaska

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With a median price of $108,300, King Cove has the third cheapest homes for sale in the state of Alaska.

1. King Cove

2. Valdez

This is sufficient to offset the somewhat higher median rent of $1,136 per month, giving Valdez the second-best rent-to-income ratio in the state.

3. Kotlik

The current unemployment rate is 16.18%. With a typical property worth of $70,700, this money goes a long way by Alaskan standards.

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4. Sand Point

Sand Point homes are the ninth least expensive in the state, with a median price of $181,900.

5. Houston

Houston has a median home price of $178,000 This figure is the ninth most cheap in Alaska. Rents are similarly flexible.

6. Delta Junction

Homes in Delta Junction are approximately $216,800 and $860 per month to rent. Thanks to a median income of $64,790.

7. North Pole

North Pole is one of the most affordable places to reside in Alaska, indicating that Santa Claus is quite excellent at financial management.

8. Mountain Village

The average price of a home in Mountain Village is $23,600, while the cheapest rent in Alaska is $610.

9. Seward

The typical home price in Alaska is $111,400, while the sixth-cheapest rent is $855.

10. Emmonak

The average home price in Alaska is $111,400, while the sixth-cheapest rent is $855.

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