Cute And Small Dog Breeds

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Brussels Griffon

These dogs love to please their owners and learn new skills rapidly.


When you say "small dog," most people imagine a Chihuahua. The smallest! Chihuahuas under 5 pounds can be unfriendly.


The long-bodied, short-legged dachshund is a family favorite. Some dachshunds still hunt, but most are loving family pets.


Your Havanese needs a daily 30-minute workout. He'll enjoy home playtime and be tired.

American Eskimo

American Eskimo dogs resemble small Samoyeds with their white fur and black faces.


Maltese dogs just seem rich. She has a long, silky white coat. Maltese are affable, long-lived dogs.


Papillons are smart, loyal, and long-lived. His huge, plumed ears—from which the breed gets its name—make him one of the most remarkable dogs.


Poms don't need much area to play. They flourish in apartments or smaller homes without a fenced yard.

Toy Poodle

Toy poodles have a soft, curly coats like their larger counterparts, making them easy to groom.

Scottish Terrier

Scottish terriers are strong-willed. These pups need cerebral stimulation, play, and a fenced-in room to explore (and dig).

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