Dating Tips For Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

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If you're hoping to attract a Sagittarius, it definitely helps if you present a wide range of interests.

Conversation Starters

You could visit one of their social media accounts to determine what they find interesting.

First, select a peaceful location. This allows you both to have a private talk, which is crucial at this time.

Making It A Success

Share thoughts and opinions, then proceed from there. Catch their interest. Put on accessories that reflect your interests

Since Sagittarius is a fire sign, you may want to offer a restaurant with an open kitchen or a fireplace.

The Atmosphere

This may sound humorous, but it might surely pique their interest. You can even select a restaurant with lit candles on the tables.

You should also keep in mind that casual talk is not appropriate with a Sagittarius.

Limit Small Talk

They want to engage in in-depth conversations about topics immediately.

If you choose to discuss your job, describe the type of work you perform.

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