Dog Breeds That Like to Play

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Labrador retrievers are huge, playful canines who enjoy all forms of play. They frequently enjoy playing fetch and splashing in the water.

Labrador Retriever

Boxers have a long history of fighting dogs, but they have also been praised for their courage, intelligence, and loyalty.


Golden retrievers exemplify the American family dog more than any other breed. Golden retrievers are large, gorgeous dogs with flowing blonde.

Golden Retriever

The Pomeranian is a small, fluffy dog with a playful disposition and a tendency to be headstrong.


Australian shepherds are one of the most athletic dog breeds. These dogs like running, jumping, and playing whenever they have the opportunity.

Australian Shepherd

French bulldog's popularity has skyrocketed because of its quirky, fun-loving, and highly devoted nature.

French Bulldog

Jack Russell terrier emerged in England during the 1800s in response to a demand for a small, spirited hunting dog that could pursue foxes on the ground.

Jack Russell Terrier

They are short, stocky herding dogs with huge ears resembling rabbit ears and short, stubby tails. Corgis are clever and energetic.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

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