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Exercises For Belly Fat For Women

1. Hold a plank

Planks are essential for a well-shaped frame. Plank works the core, shoulders, chest, and back.

Hold a plank

Planking strengthens and tones your body, making belly fat loss easier. 

2. Side, twist, or reverse crunches

Crunches are the best approach to lose belly fat. 

Side, twist, or reverse crunches

Crunches have many versions to assist you lose belly fat.

3. Flutter kicks

Flutter kicks work your lower abdominal and hip flexor muscles. Flutter kicks require quickness and leg extensions.

4. Mountain climbers

This workout is ideal for losing abdominal fat because it works your abs, shoulders, arms, chest, and tummy. 

5. Burpees

To reach your goal weight, burpees work all main muscle groups. Fat-burning activity.

6. Skipping

Finally, skip regularly to tone your belly. Cardio is good for you.

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