Find Out If Each Zodiac Sign Likes You

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This sign is the zodiac's fearless forerunner. Those under Mars' influence are recognised for their forthrightness of speech and dogged persistence. 


Those born under this sign are often viewed as naturally attractive because they are controlled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty.


If they like you, or think they do, they will start talking to you. If they are extroverted, it's because they have no problem saying what's on their mind.


As one of the signs most likely to experience extreme depths of emotion, the Cancerian makes a wonderful carer.


They love it when you share their social media posts about them with their followers, and they love it even more when you do the same for them.


When this sign develops romantic feelings for someone, they often first become friends with them.


Libras are notorious for their excessive flirting because of their outgoing personalities and smooth conversational skills. 


Those born under the sign of Scorpio enjoy intimate relationships in which they can get to know you on a deep psychological level. 


Traveling around the world is often used as a punchline in It's a common misconception that Sagittarians never find lasting love.


Despite the stereotype that this grounded and dependable earth sign is the least romantic, Taureans just express their love in a different, more practical way.


Aquarians are notorious for their disdain for the tried-and-true courtship rituals of other signs. 


Do not be fooled by a Pisces' mild manners; these creative fantasists have the power to enchant everyone. 

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