Gemini Compatibility With Each Zodiac Sign


They will have a strong urge to be close to one another while engaging in a variety of engaging or even challenging activities.


Yet, if they are unable to establish common interests in other areas, this rapidly igniting spark of love could die out.

Taurus will naturally sense a great attraction to Gemini, although at first, this may seem weird. 


On the other hand, Gemini may become bored too soon and lose interest quickly.

First and foremost, Gemini - Gemini attraction is characterized by a range of feelings.


Initially, they will be extremely attracted to one another, and this will be mostly due to their intellectual interaction.

It is possible for Gemini and Cancer to have strong emotional compatibility if their natal faster-moving planets produce positive aspects.


Cancer, the sign that requires the most time to open up and begin trusting its mate.

Gemini and Leo will experience instantaneous intimacy and joyous warmth.


They could fall in love easily, but their longevity will depend on their planetary positions.

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