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Historians Discover Secret Nazi Tunnels In Austria

St. Georgen a der Gusen, an unpretentious Austrian town, is hidden in the hills. Its peaceful facade hides dark secrets and stories.

This peaceful town's history is darker than expected, from World War Two to Mauthausen's mysteries.

Discover St. Georgen a der Gusen's hidden side by exploring its past.

Austria was a nightmare during World War Two. The Nazis killed thousands of Jews in Mauthausen-Gusen.

This camp commemorates the Holocaust and Nazi atrocities.

It reminds us of war's terrible toll on innocent lives. Never forget the misery at this camp and work to prevent such tragedies.

For Mauthausen-Gusen survivors, liberation was bittersweet. The inmates cheered as Allied troops marched in to release them.

They endured the camp and the hard labor of building underground catacombs for the B8 Bergkristall weapons complex and maybe an atomic bomb research site.

Mauthausen-Gusen survivors finally celebrated their former prison's freedom after years of agony.

Andreas Sulzer loves discovering new things. Sulzer wanted to learn Hitler's atomic development secrets.

Sulzer was intrigued by Viktor Schauberger's message about "atom-smashing" and became active in discovery and excavation.

He's driven by curiosity to solve this project. Sulzer is desperate to unearth Hitler's atomic research.

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