How To Unlock Your Zodiac Powers

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When their confidence and appreciation for their own individuality are high, Aries will feel their best.


Take time to appreciate life as only a Taurus can! Appreciate music and the arts; savour the better things that capture your interest.


To increase their natural strengths, Gemini must be conscious of their actual passions.


Cancer should be sure to purge their aura of sympathetic energy when searching for ways to increase their strengths. 


It is also in their best interest to have an outlet for their creativity and to explore areas that allow them communicate their ideas.


When their home environment encourages and promotes a calm and clear mind, they are at their best.


Librans would do well to meditate frequently in order to have the mental clarity necessary to make sound decisions.


You'll be astounded by what they can access when they have a safe environment in which to explore their intrinsic connection to the spirit realm.


The more a Sag has learnt to centre their energies between experiences, the greater their ability to view the route ahead with greater clarity.

Spending time outdoors in nature is a healthy approach for Capricorn to temporarily break away from their work.



Aquarius must find a healthy outlet for their meticulous drive that is unrelated to their employment or sense of self-worth.

Sustain and strengthen Pisces by shielding the aura as much as possible. Pisces must cultivate assertiveness in all situations, large and little. 


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