How You Win Trust of These Zodiac Sign

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You stand up for them.
They'll be forever thankful if you openly support them, look out for them, and draw a line in the sand.



Show them receipts.
Tauruses don't invest without pedigree, therefore you have to show them your world.


Be on time.
Geminis want you to prioritize them. They intentionally select you over their to-do list to fit you into their hectic agenda.

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You have to ask for it.
If you wish to audition for the role of a Cancer's closest confidant, you will need to request it directly.


You treat others well.
A Leo is aware that personalities tend to permeate every aspect of a person's life.


You follow their rules.
Do you see the nicely aligned row of shoes by the door? Then remove yours before entering Virgo's home.


The fastest method to acquire a Libra's trust is to entrust them with something you own.


Space and time.
A Scorpio must perceive you to be polite and patient.

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