How Your Zodiac Sign Tells You, He's Wrong

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He doesn't ignite your soul. You need loads of passion. Whether he's nice, or charming, if you don't feel the sparks, he's not fit for you.


You're independent and dislike being told what to do. He'll lose you if he's overly pushy.


He's boring. You're a fascinating zodiac sign, but if he bores you, the relationship is doomed.


You're ignored. As compassionate as you are, you need someone to care for you. Don't pick him if he's not.


You don't have to be the centre of attention, but if he's consistently picking video games over you, reassess the relationship.


You can't talk to him. Talking about superficial stuff leaves you speechless. Even if you don't mind, it'll bother you.


When you don't know what he's doing or thinking half the time, it's impossible to feel equal.


He's undecided about you. How can you trust him if he's dishonest about his feelings?


He prefers to do nothing all day. Not you. You may drift away from him if he prefers to stay in bed.


You like laughing, but you won't date a 12-year-old. You need someone organised, even if it makes you sound like a snob.


You outrun him. You're everywhere, so you need someone who understands you. If he can't, leave first.


Emotionally detached. He rushes away before you can break his defenses. As he closes off, you'll get more distressed.

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