Is a Rabbit the Best Pet for You?

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1. They Need Care

Incorrect lifting and handling can kill this pet. Rabbits don't like being picked up—like it's being hoisted by a predator.

2. Rabbits Take Hours

Daily pet care requires a few hours. They also require company. Rabbits suffer from emotional neglect.

3. Rabbits Are Expensive

Rabbits need doctors too. Even without symptoms, responsible owners take their long-eared buddy for an annual examination.

4. Bunnies Need Space

Indoor rabbits are best. If the shelter is too tiny, the weather can also cause extra discomfort.

5. Check for Allergies and Readiness

The family may not like rabbits. If everyone wants a rabbit, test for allergies.

6. Expect Everyday Chores

Pet care isn't fun. Scooping waste, replacing bedding, dealing with the rabbit smell, maintaining a balanced food.

7. Are Other Pets Suitable With Rabbits?

Rabbits can coexist with other pets. Several animals dislike rabbits. Some dogs and cats have a strong prey drive.

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