Is Store Rotisserie Chicken Healthy?

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Shoppers like rotisserie chicken because it's cheap and pre-cooked.

Protein, niacin, and selenium make it healthful. Rotisserie chicken has downsides like high salt and questionable additives.

Rotisserie chickens and other grocery store birds are marinated in preservatives to improve shelf life and inhibit bacterial growth.

This solution may comprise phosphates, salts, and acids such sodium tripolyphosphate or acetic acid.

This preservative solution prevents harmful microorganisms but has drawbacks.

Calcium deposits, heart artery hardening, bone loss, and heart attacks and illness are connected to excessive phosphate levels.

"Trans fats of the future," the Washington Post calls phosphate additions.

Although though rotisserie chickens contain protein and nutrients, their long-term health effects are worth considering.

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