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Leo's Best Zodiac Friends

1. Gemini

Leo loves smart Geminis. Lion's playfulness matches the sign's perpetual youth. 

Leo's pride amuses Gemini, while Gemini's brilliance captivates the Lion. Leos typically scoff at the Twins' inability to concentrate.

Geminis are cute and hilarious, and the Lion never tires of their wits. Leo and Gemini will laugh for hours, find new experiences.

2. Aries

Aries and Leo are fire signs, therefore when they become best friends, their friendship will be warm and gratifying.

Leos, like Aries, are brave and loving. Both fire signs enjoy having fun and sharing their passions.

3. Leo

Leos are self-centered, therefore it makes sense that their greatest friend sign is Leo.

It's surprising to see Pisces on the list as they're emotional. Yet, Pisces are usually joyful since they don't hide their unhappiness.

4. Libra

Even the Lion admires Libra's grace and elegance. This air sign's enigmatic charm intrigues Leo.

Leo appreciates Libra's taste in music and creative arts. Libra is your go-to book and movie suggestion friend.

5. Sagittarius

Leo loves everyone, but Sagittarius is their favourite. The Lion loves the Archer more than most.

Sag's wit, generosity, and energy impress Leo. Sag makes you laugh loudest when you're depressed.

Sagittarius also appreciates Leo's sarcastic, catty, and bizarre quips. They don't mind Leo's craving for attention.

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