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Most Adorable Small Dog


When you say "small dog," most people imagine a Chihuahua. The smallest! Chihuahuas under 5 pounds can be unfriendly.

Brussels Griffon

These friendly, curious canines always look like they're little unhappy at the world, yet they're flawlessly gruntled.


The long-bodied, short-legged dachshund is a family favorite. Wiener dogs were initially designed to hunt badgers.

Bridge havanese

Your Havanese needs a daily 30-minute stroll. He'll enjoy home playtime and be exhausted.

Toy Poodle

Toy poodles have a curly, velvety coat that sheds little and is easy to maintain.

American Eskimo 

This dog is adorable. The American Eskimo is stunning with his white fluffy fur coat.


The Maltese appear like a rich dog. Her long, silky coat can be any color, as long as it's white.


The papillon is smart, loyal, and long-lived. The breed's large, plumed ears give him one of the most remarkable features.


Since Poms are little, they don't need much area to run around. They thrive in apartments or small residences with no or little fencing.

Yorkshire Terrier 

Yorkies' huge intellect, personalities, and bravery come from their ratter heritage.

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