Most Disloyal Zodiac Signs

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Geminis have two personalities, thus they don't see you as their other half.

Many cheats like living two lives. Air-sign Geminis They're like air—free to move and uncapturable.

These traits may make your Gemini dishonest, but they do not guarantee infidelity.


Leos desire the spotlight like Alpha lions. They want fame. Their talent supports their assertion.

This star sign is associated with wit, confidence, success, and humour. Leos top dating polls because of this.

Most individuals want a confident, humorous, successful partner. Leos always have admirers.


Aries starts the zodiac. Hence, Aries will prioritize themselves.

Aries like fresh challenges. Regrettably, this applies to relationships too. Many partnerships grow stale.

They may not wish to leave a long-term relationship, yet they may have short-term affairs.

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