Most Intuitive Zodiac Signs

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It's hardly surprising that Cancers pay attention to their inner voices, given that their innate intuition.

1. Cancer

Not only are Cancers sensitive to the emotions of those closest to them, but they are also receptive to the emotions of strangers.


Pisces is one of the zodiac's most creative signs, and intuitive individuals tend to be creative.

2. Pisces

Sometimes, intuition is the source of their inspiration. Without knowing why, they simply follow their instincts.


Scorpios are exceptionally intuitive, especially when it comes to other people.

3. Scorpio

They can almost detect a lie. No matter what you do to conceal the truth, Scorpios will discover it.


Virgos are incredibly vigilant, which may explain why they are so intuitive; they never miss anything.

4. Virgo

They are acutely aware of every event that occurs around them, particularly those that no one else seems to notice or care about.


Libras are hyperaware of everything, including their own selves, thoughts, feelings, and the state of the world.

5. Libra

Due to their intuitive abilities, they are also aware of potential threats in their lives, but this does not dampen their optimism.


Geminis are highly sociable individuals who instinctively know how to put others at ease or spark a conversation.

6. Gemini

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